My story


From as early as I can remember, I’ve always been making. Crafting, building, painting, gardening—you name it. In the beginning, it was pouring through origami books under my mom’s desk while she worked or turning tissue boxes and paper towel tubes into cardboard guitars. It was an interest in food, from baking Thanksgiving pies to taking cake-decorating classes. It was a love of growing flowers and vegetables in my garden. My story is not so unique, but it’s what I hope to share with you.

I truly believe that when your home is a calm, restorative space, you can bring that feeling to the other areas of your life that need smoothing out.


I began my career as an entrepreneur making handmade books and leather goods. That experience made me efficient, organized, and honed my planning skills. When it was time for new adventures, I went on to manage various design-minded small businesses and brick and mortar stores. I was an effective manager, but my creative side was itching for more. To me, life is more meaningful than buying and selling trinkets. Making beautiful things for my home brings me such joy, and I want to teach others to do the same. Thus I begin this new venture. I invite you to join me in striving for beauty, organization, and wholeness in all our lives.